The beauty of being human, is the ability to be able to travel, to explore the universe in its entirety. Nature has a way of making us fell, whole. Towering hills with snowcapped tops make our daily struggles insignificant and we at once feel in union with Mother Nature. Of the countless number of geothermal hot springs in Iceland, Krossneslaug ranks up there among the best. There are many natural pools in Iceland. Pools where hot or boiling water comes from the ground and is blended with cold spring water before it is streamed into the pool.

Sometimes the pools are in natural surroundings, like Landmannalaugar and Strútslaug in the Highland, and sometimes we build nice swimming pools and hot tubs for instance the Blue lagoon. This natural pool at Krossnes by Strandir in the West Fjords peninsula is one of the most interesting pools we have in Iceland. It is located in a remote place; the surrounding area is stunning with mountains on one side and the ocean on the other side. The resulting view is like a scene from the lord of the rings, the clashing of water and water as if in a constant battle for supremacy is captivating to the eye. All this acts as the appetizer for the main course, the Krossneslaug pool.

How to get there

Krossneslaug is a stone-built hot spring pool located at the beach table, a few miles from Norðurfirður in Strandasýsla The geothermal pool at Krossnes on Strandir is located a bit north of the fjord Norðurfjörður on the east side of West Fjords near the Arctic Circle. The pool is one of Iceland’s most interesting and unique destinations. It is a very peaceful and relaxing area that is surrounded by beautiful landscape. The drive is a rather long and challenging drive, and the gravel road 643 is both difficult and at some points a bit tasking, but it is most definitely worth it. It is a 90-kilometer drive from the small village of Hólmavík and Road 61. Unfortunately, you need to drive the same road back since there is no possibility of a Ring Road option here. This can be a little inconvenient for tourists who are following a specific route.


From the middle of May until the end of August it is accessible by most cars, small and large, off-road as well as saloon cars and anyone can drive this road, but caution is needed, especially if you find yourself in a dark fog. This is because the visibility drops to deplorable levels hence limiting the spread and ease of movement. But if you get a clear day the whole drive is quite scenic by the beautiful coast, through stunning fjords and threatening mountains consistently towering over your car. But if you want something remote, exotic and different, Krossneslaug is the place. The pool is, of course, very relaxing and drains the stress after your drive and also prepares you emotionally for the drive back.

This beautiful pool was opened on July 5 in 1954 . It is 12 1/2 x 6 meters in area. This makes it quite spacious while at the same time creating the perfect ambience for getting cozy. A concrete lands is lined surrounding her edges and there is a folded dressing room in close proximity to the pool The pool and other structures in connection with her will have cost about 140 thousand krónur. The pool and dressing rooms are well maintained; there are showers that allow for a long shower, and the whole experience is just a joy up there near the arctic circle.

Although rare, it is sometimes possible to spot whales from the pool swimming by in the ocean.It was the youth club “Leifer luck” and the local committee that led to the construction of the pool. Water in the pool is from Krossneslaugir, which is near, next to it a serene and beautiful pond, that is normally filled with water flowing from the lake the Krossnes Pools, as well as the cool bunulækur. There are conditions for the best of nature walks and a perfect retreat location away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

If you choose to take this challenge, you should consider a day or two in the area. It offers exciting hiking trails and beautiful landscape. It is a challenging place for photographers with its stacks and pillars by the shore and incredible mountains and valleys. It is a paradise for birdwatchers with a large variety of species. There is a convenient accommodation available at Urðatindur and a good campsite. You can even dine at a nice restaurant and get some good Icelandic food at Kaffi Norðurfjörður.

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