Iceland, the playground of the gods.It has continued to attract many tourists including celebrities who also want to indulge themselves in the little thrills that nature has to offer. Due to a lot of volcanic activity you can find many small geothermal pools. Something a lot of visitors and tourists are both interested in seeing and willing to dip into. Some of the pools only fit four to five people. Some are even so small that they only fit two persons. But you can also find pools that are big enough for you and a few of yours friends.

The pool Hellulaug in the southern shore of West Fjords is a warm and delightful pool. Located only a few hundred meters from the camping site Flokalundur in the famous Vatnsdalur, where the first settler in Iceland stayed for a winter.


Take route 1 from Reykjavík for about 4 hours. Then take a left onto route 60. From there it’s just about staying on that road all the way to Flókalundur. It’s a long road but takes you there! You can also go to Stykkishólmur and take the ferry over to Brjánslækur, which is next to Flókalundur. GPS: N65°34.629 W23°29571 . Hellulaug pool is located about 4,5 hours (325 km) from Reykjavík. Take Ring Road nr. 1 and then road nr. 60 to the Westfjords.

The small pool is always open with its endless flow of warm water all year long. Anyone passing by can take a dip in the comfortable water. The water in the pool is 38 degrees centigrade and the pool is around 3 to 4 meters in diameter. In order to get to this beautifully carved destination, you need to walk down a small cliff from the small parking lot by road Vestfjarðarvegur nr. 60 which is the southern part of the West Fjord ring road. A road that is part of the West Fjord scenic route that takes you through some magnificently breathtaking landscape. The pool is well known for its medicinal properties that have been scientifically tried and tested.The natural springs are geothermal water that flows directly and constantly from the ground.

This hot natural pool is situated in the southern part of the Westfjords right next to the ocean with an amazing view towards the sea. The spring is located in the opening of Vatnsfjordur and is in a nature reserve. Here travelers can soak in the medicinal properties of the bath while gazing at the beautiful sea.It is also advisable for romantic couples who wish to spend some quality time in this serene , secluded environment while awaiting to see the famous Northern Lights that Iceland is known for. This hot spring is so immaculately designed and proportioned that it was actually a part of the Friends of water project which won the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture 2011. The spring is loaded from rocks and concrete so the surroundings are quite different from what you see in other hot springs.

Quick tips

  • 4×4 or normal car: either will do as the terrain is fairly easy to navigate.
  • Opening hours: It is open throughout the day you can visit at any time
  • Lifeguard: There is no need for a lifeguard since the pool is not very deep
  • Prices: It’s free of charge for all
  • Parking: Parking is free.
  • Time; The most advisable time and season to visit the is around sunset and of course when Northern Light activity is high. It’s, in my opinion, one of the best locations in Iceland to witness and indulge in the marvel of the mystical Northern lights!
  • Food: there are basic amenities near the pool, but you are free to bring something to eat and drink with you.
  • Visit with children: The site is family oriented it is possible to take children
  • Changing rooms: There are no changing rooms in the area.
  • Showers and toilets: There are no showers and toilets.
  • Footwear: When you are planning to visit . There is no need for excessive preparations, it is a walking distance from the town .

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