Laugarvatn Fontana


Fontana Spa in Laugarvatn town is a complex of geothermal pools and moist and dry saunas on the edge of Lake Lugarvatn. It is a popular stop for visitors to the Golden Circle area and is close to the Geyser and ├×ingvellir Park sites.

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The damp saunas

The local inhabitants of the village know and enjoy the healing properties of the geothermal springs in the lake from the beginning of the last century. The Fontana Pond utilizes this natural bath and brings in warm steam and healers that curl directly from the ground to the three saunas. The temperature of the steam varies and ranges from 40-50 degrees depending on the temperature of the steam and the weather. The humidity in the saunas is very high. Saunas floor networks allow guests to hear and smell the natural hot spring boiling beneath them, creating a unique and natural experience.

The geothermal pools

Three mineral pools connected together with varying depth, size and temperature. The pools and hot tubs are perfect for relaxation and fun, and feature stone sculptures made by the Icelandic artist. The top hot tub provides panoramic views of the beautiful surroundings, while the healthy water feeds both body and mind.

Finnish sauna

The Fontana complex also features a Finnish-style sauna room. The temperature is between 80-90 degrees, with low humidity. You can sit and enjoy the beautiful lake view through the large window. The Finns enjoy sauna rooms for centuries, this is a place for them to relax with family and friends, as well as a place for physical and mental relaxation.


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