Kvika Footbath Resort


Iceland, the land of hot springs and geothermal pools .It is almost impossible to visit all the hot springs in this end of the earth. Thus when a hot springs fame is spread by word of mouth, you are sure to have a worthwhile experience. This is the case of the Kvika geothermal footbath, when it comes to cozyness and raw sensuality ,there’s few if any pools in the world that can rival the Kvika geothermal footbaths. For couples that want to spend quality time while at the same time soaking their feet in nature’s own pedicure pool, this is most definitely the location for you. From this pool the backdrop of looming Icelandic mountains give tourists a feeling of protection and safety . The foot-spa is a small, man-made hot tub with geothermal water where people can soak their feet whilst soaking up the beautiful landscape around them.

The foot spa, located at rocks called Kisuklappir, is actually a work of art by Icelandic artist Ólöf Nordal, he called it Kvika Magma set up in 2005. The artist wanted a design that would capture Iceland’s chilled nature. It is advisable for tourists to visit this warm pool either early in the morning or in the evening. This is because during the day the footbath may be a little bit crowded .


Since much of the town is located within a beautiful nature reserve, it attracts many of the locals, who make use of its excellent recreational areas and the extensive walking and cycling paths encircling the entire peninsula. Its unobstructed views, of the setting sun and the impressive Snæfellsjökull glacier, make it a major romantic destination and magnet for travellers and photographers alike. During the winter, the areas around the coastline become a perfect platform for viewing the magnificent Northern Lights and maybe a shooting star or two! The most visible landmark is the old lighthouse on Grótta Ísland, where you’ll find unending sea-views and a wealth of birdlife. Observe that during the nesting season Grótta is closed from 1st of May until 1st of July.

Adding extra idyllic charm to the town is a permanent art installation entitled Kvika by Ólöf Nordal. Made of dolomite stone with a round footbath carved into the centre, this extraordinary work of art is located on the northern side of the peninsula next to the shark-curing shed. People visiting are thoroughly encouraged to bring a towel and make good use of it by taking a relaxing footbath out in the open sea-air! In case you’d like to warm-up more than just your toes, the town’s thermal pool comes highly recommended and features a lap pool, several different hot tubs, a slide, a steam bath and toddler pool; all supplied uniquely with geothermal seawater.

If you’re interested in the development of medicine in Iceland then you’ll find a curious museum on Neströð, which houses a small collection focused on the history of pharmacy.

Another popular stop in Seltjarnarnes is the nine-hole golf course with exceptional ocean views and a nice clubhouse, where players can rent equipment and buy refreshments.

Quick tips

  • 4×4 or normal car: You can still get there with a regular car, but it’s more and more demanding. The terrain might be challenging to novices but it is navigable
  • Opening hours: It is open throughout the day
  • Lifeguard: There is no need for a lifeguard
  • Prices: It’s free of charge.
  • Parking: Parking at Kvika geothermal footbath is free.
  • Time: The most advisable time and season to visit the Kvika footbath is around sunset and of course when Northern Light activity is high. It’s, in my opinion, the best spot in Reykjavik to catch a glimpse of the mystical Northern lights!
  • Food: there are basic amenities near the pool, but you are free to bring something to eat and drink with you.
  • Visit with children: The site is family oriented it is possible to take children
  • Changing rooms: There are no changing rooms in the area.
  • Showers and toilets: There are no showers and toilets.
  • Footwear: When you are planning to visit . There is no need for excessive preparations, it is a walking distance from the town .

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