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Somewhere in western Iceland, about half an hour’s drive west from Borgarnes, is the Krauma Hot Springs site. Opened only at the end of 2017, this is the newest spa experience to be experienced in Iceland. Krauma is a new, world-class geothermal resort that includes two saunas, a relaxation space and five outdoor nature baths that are fed from the large European hot spring Deildartunguhver.

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This is the newest spa experience you can get in Iceland. The spa’s special location adds to the attractiveness of the place. To be more accurate, it is located between authentic Icelandic mountain scenery. The region is famous for the most powerful natural hot springs in Europe. The bath water temperature is regulated to perfect temperature by pouring pure glacier water from the glacier into the nearby Angioccol.

How to get there?

The Krauma Spa is a 90-minute drive from Reykjavik and is open all year. This is a great alternative to the Blue Lagoon. Facilities on site also include a souvenir shop and restaurant. The most interesting and fun part about visiting Krauma is the fact that the waiters serve you directly to the baths. You don’t even have to get out of the hot water and “taste” the weather outside the pools. Just sit back, relax and place your order from the pool.

The spa is adjacent to the nearby natural hot spring and for you to find your way from the road to the place, simply follow the “Deildartunguhver” signage off the road. When you reach the parking area, it is almost unrealistic to find such a modern and luxurious resort in such an isolated area.


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