Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool


Seljavallalaug Pool is an outdoor pool in southern Iceland. Built in 1923, the pool is considered to be one of the oldest swimming pools in Iceland. The oldest pool is the ‘Secret Lagoon’ in Flúðir which has been operating since 1891.

History of Seljavallalaug

The rectangular pool is 25 meters long and 10 meters wide, making it the largest pool in Iceland until 1936. Its construction allowed the children of the environment to learn to swim. Although Iceland is a fishermen nation, swimming was not an extensive skill back then. Nowadays, every child learns swimming in school as part of compulsory classes.

Useful information

Admission to the Seljavallalaug pool is free. There are replacement wardrobes but no showers. The place is maintained and cleaned only once a year by volunteers as many people bathe in the pool every day. Bathing should be shared with other travelers and taken into consideration. The water in the pool is not very clean. The water temperature ranges from 30 degrees to 40 degrees.

How to get there

The pool is about an hour and a half drive from Reykjavik. When traveling on the ring road heading east to reach Seljavallalaug turn left onto Route 242 until reaching the car park. The pool is just a mile north until you reach the pool. The southern coastal area is one of the most beautiful in Iceland and only a few kilometers further from the pool you can also visit the impressive Skógafoss waterfall.


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