Myvatn Nature Bath



This geothermal spa near Lake Myvatn is the northern answer to the southern blue lagoon. Sometimes referred to as the Northern Blue Lagoon, just like its Southern friend, the lagoon contains a unique blend of minerals, silicates, and geothermal microorganisms that give the water their blue pearl appearance. This relatively new spa overlooks a number of beautiful lake views and is undoubtedly the hottest and most perfect place to relax to witness those stunning Icelandic summer sunsets.

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The water supply to the lagoon flows directly from the pit of the national electricity company Bjarnarflag. The water has a temperature of about 130 degrees Celsius when they reach a huge basin near the lagoon itself, creating a kind of warm man-made. In total, the lagoon and basin contain about 3.5 million liters of water at a temperature of 36-40 ° C.

The lagoon itself is a man-made structure, the bottom of which is covered with sand and gravel. It contains a large amount of minerals and is well suited for bathing. Due to its chemical composition, undesirable bacteria and vegetation do not thrive in its water, which eliminates the need to use chlorine or any other disinfectant.

Geothermal water in Iceland usually contains sulfur. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid taking silver jewelry into the water, they may turn black. Sulfur, on the other hand, is considered to have a positive effect on asthma and other respiratory diseases, and the lagoon waters also have a positive effect on skin problems. The smell of sulfur is common in the area, but most tourists get used to it within the first few minutes, most travelers liken it to the smell of rotten eggs, others compare it to the initial smell of creation as the volcanic gases condense and create picturesque landscapes.


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