Grjotagja hot Spring Cave‬‏


Grjotagja hot Spring Cave‬‏ located at the area of Mývatn. Mývatn is a shallow lake located in the area of active volcanic activity in northern Iceland, not far from the Krafla volcano. Mother Nature’s violent masterpieces are found throughout the lake area: giant craters, bubbling sulfur springs, mud pools and frozen scraps of fresh volcanic eruptions give the feeling of a trip to another planet. The name Mývatn is sometimes used not only as a nickname for the lake but also for the uninhabited environment around it.

Grjotagja hot Spring Cave

Grjotagja is a hatch in the soil that has been filled with warm water. In the past it was a popular bathing site but geothermal activity made the pool too hot (50 degrees) for bathing. You can watch the pool through the cracks in the ceiling and also go down to the water. The site is located between Reykjahlíð and Hverfjall volcano.

How to get there

To get there, take road # 1 towards Agilstadir and after about a kilometer drive from Lake Myvatn take exit 860 towards Grjotagja.


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