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Geothermal water springs in the area of ​​Husavík have been known for many years to the inhabitants of Northern Iceland.
They used it mainly for bathing. Further drilling in the area in the later period found that it resulted from a place of mineral-rich warm seawater to be suitable for home heating.
Instead of letting the hot water flow aimlessly to the sea, the residents of Hosavic could enjoy the health benefits of bathing in warm sea water.
People suffering from psoriasis have been relieved by bathing in water at an optimal temperature of 38-39 ° C.

The water in the GeoSea baths comes from two wells. A constant flow of the pool through the ponds eliminates the need for any cleaning or disinfection and ensures clean and fresh water regularly.

GeoSea GeoSea Geothermal Baths allow visitors to enjoy nature in a unique way. Regarding natural underground drowning, the water is warm and pleasant to wash naturally and gives a pleasant feeling to the skin and relief for people suffering from skin problems. While bathing, you can enjoy the mountainous scenery around the cliffs just a short distance from the Northern Arctic Circle.

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