Drangsnes hot tubs


Drangsnes, A small fishing village in the western part of the western fjords of Iceland. A total of 70 residents live there. The village sits at the mouth of Fjord Steingrímsfjörður not far from the town of Hólmavík. Drangensens got his name from a high and famous rock named Kerling who according to local folklore represents one of the three troll women who tried to separate the western fjords from the rest of Iceland.

Hot tub on the water line

Perhaps the thing that Drangsnes Village is most famous for is its excellent geothermal pool, along with three wonderful jacuzzis located on the coastline. The pools are very easy to find and there are wardrobes close by. This is a great place to take a dip in the hot water and relax in the stunning scenery facing it. Drangsnes is the gateway to the wild and fascinating region of the Strandir region, a dirt road leading from the village to one of Iceland’s most fascinating and least-toured tourist areas. The famous Krossnes pool and the abandoned village of Djúpavík are in the same remote land.


שיט לאי Grímsey

Drangsnes יש נמל טבעי טוב, מול הכפר נמצא האי Grímsey, יש באיסלנד איים נוספים אחרים בעלי אותו שם ולכן לא להתבלבל עם האי גרימסיי בצפון איסלנד המפורסם יותר. בין האי גרימסיי הנמצא סמוך לדראנגסנס לכפר מפריד 10 דקות של שיט קצר. האי הוא מקום נהדר לצפות במיני ציפורים כמו פאפינים ואף ניסיון לגידול של שועלי קוטב.