Krysuvik Geothermal Area


Krýsuvík is a geothermal area located in southern Rykans in the middle of the rift region of the Atlantic ridge that diagonally crosses Iceland from west and south, to the northeast of the island. Kirswick is one of the high-temperature areas in Iceland. Visitors to the site hike on tree tracks between fiery sulfur springs and bubbling pits of boiling mud.


Fontana Spa


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Fontana Spa in the town of Laugarvatn is a complex of geothermal pools and moist and dry saunas on the edge of Lake Lugarvatn. It is a popular stopover for visitors to the Golden Circle area and is relatively close to the Geyser and Thingvellir Park sites.

The wet saunas

The local inhabitants of the village know and enjoy the healing properties of the geothermal springs in the lake from the beginning of the last century. The Fontana Pond utilizes this natural bath and brings in warm steam and healers that curl directly from the ground to the three saunas. The temperature of the steam varies and ranges from 40-50 degrees depending on the temperature of the steam and the weather. The humidity in the saunas is very high. Saunas floor networks allow guests to hear and smell the natural hot spring boiling beneath them, creating a unique and natural experience.

The geothermal pools

Three mineral pools connected together with varying depth, size and temperature. The pools and hot tubs are perfect for relaxation and fun, and feature stone sculptures made by the Icelandic artist. The top hot tub provides panoramic views of the beautiful surroundings, while the healthy water feeds both body and mind.

Finnish sauna

The Fontana complex also features a Finnish-style sauna room. The temperature is between 80-90 degrees, with low humidity. You can sit and enjoy the beautiful lake view through the large window. The Finns enjoy sauna rooms for centuries, this is a place for them to relax with family and friends, as well as a place for physical and mental relaxation.


Vok Bath Egilsstadir


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n the summer of 2019, Vök geothermal baths opened in Lake Urriðavatn, northwest of Egilsstaðir, the main town in eastern Iceland. Agilstadir is an important stopping point in the fascinating land region of the eastern fjords and the member springs site opened the opportunity for a great opportunity for quality time to dip in the hot water in a stunning landscape. The water in the Vök pool comes from hot springs flowing deep under the lake. Years ago, during the long Arctic winters, existing residents noticed that a rudder covering the lake always melted in point water and indeed there was the natural fountain above which the pool was built. The name of Pool Wok is the Icelandic word for the hole in the melting ice. In the past, these hot springs provide all the hot water throughout the region.

GeoSea Husavik


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Geothermal water springs in the area of ​​Husavík have been known for many years to the inhabitants of Northern Iceland.
They used it mainly for bathing. Further drilling in the area in the later period found that it resulted from a place of mineral-rich warm seawater to be suitable for home heating.
Instead of letting the hot water flow aimlessly to the sea, the residents of Hosavic could enjoy the health benefits of bathing in warm sea water.
People suffering from psoriasis have been relieved by bathing in water at an optimal temperature of 38-39 ° C.

The water in the GeoSea baths comes from two wells. A constant flow of the pool through the ponds eliminates the need for any cleaning or disinfection and ensures clean and fresh water regularly.

GeoSea GeoSea Geothermal Baths allow visitors to enjoy nature in a unique way. Regarding natural underground drowning, the water is warm and pleasant to wash naturally and gives a pleasant feeling to the skin and relief for people suffering from skin problems. While bathing, you can enjoy the mountainous scenery around the cliffs just a short distance from the Northern Arctic Circle.